The dog days of summer are over. And with the summer workouts complete, here comes the shoulder pads and helmets.

All of the hard work that players have put in during the summer is about to pay off.

That’s right , it’s finally Week 1 of the NFL season, and football handicappers have spent all of their summer days looking at the lines, studying the teams and even getting the BBQ ready for the first Sunday of the NFL season.

So, we’ve put together a few important tips when placing wagers on NFL Week 1 games, and it is important not to make these mistakes.

First, it’s only Week 1, there are still 17 more weeks of the regular season along with the playoffs.
There is no reason for bettors to be overly excited and spend their whole bankroll in the first week. Remember that when betting the NFL, it is a marathon and not a sprint.

So, when looking over the Week 1 lines, there will be a huge desire to play as many games as possible because the season is finally here and everyone is ready their your hard work and research to pay off.
Instead, of tying to play as many games as possible, handicappers need to limit their wagers, and single out a couple key games that they feel are the strongest plays. They need to comb over all of their checklists and see if a particular game presents itself. If it does, they need to cash in.

Another key error that many bettors make during Week 1 is following their heart when making a bet.
When placing a bet, handicappers need to use their mind and not their heart. Picking a favorite team to win and cover a spread solely because the season has started can be a recipe for bad luck.

Nevertheless, many times bettors feel that their strong ties and support for their teams will outweigh any spread because they want to be rooting for their team. This is dangerous because if their team is the favorite, they are not trying to win the game by any certain amount of points, but simply to win.
Consequently, if their team wins the game but fails to cover the spread as a favorite, bettors are left knowing that their team won, but they lost money and that is not a good feeling to have.

All in all, Week 1 means that the season is finally here and handicappers will have tons of action available to each and every week.

There is no reason to rush to the betting window and bet every game just because it is on national television.

Handicappers need to stay disciplined and follow their betting strategies, making sure to maximize what can give them the greatest value when placing a wager.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are bankrolls.