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The sour taste in a team’s mouth after a loss is often so nasty that it can linger over the course of the entire season, as they wait to get back out there and rewrite a different ending.

Football bettors often see revenge games in both the NFL and in college, as teams play each other fairly often, especially in a division that bad blood is often spilled.

But football handicappers need to tread lightly, as Vegas has also factored this retribution into their lines.

Revenge games in college football are often steeped in history, with a few having some sort of hardware attached to it, like the Jefferson–Eppes Trophy, Iron Skillet and Paul Bunyan’s Axe to name a few.

For other teams, it’s just a matter of state bragging rights or waiting to extract payback on that same opponent who beat them the previous season.

These games are often times between divisional opponents, as they play each other once every season and just grow to hate each other. The rivalry games, like Oregon and Oregon State, USC and UCLA, Alabama and Florida and Michigan and Notre Dame.

For bettors, these games can carry some value, but those looking to wager on these “revenge” games should tread lightly, making sure that they are not betting only on these revenge factors, as they can be slightly overrated and should never be used to solely take a side or not.

That’s because the odds-makers also are aware of the revenge implications, and factor that into the line.

If a bettor sees a line that quite possibly looks too good to be true, it just might be.

Therefore, bettors should only use the revenge factor as a small indicator as to what might be the best play.

Meanwhile, NFL games, which are played by paid professionals, the revenge factor is far greater than that of their college counterparts.

That’s because NFL games typically feature the same cast and the same stars in what were once the same games earlier in the season or previous year.

So, when betting NFL “revenge” games, bettor need to focus on the home team.

For example, let’s day that in the previous meeting the road team was thoroughly embarrassed, bettors could expect them to try to settle the score in front of their home crowd.

And if the home team is an underdog, it creates the perfect scenario this season, as the dogs in the NFL have been on a roll in 2014.

Finally, since revenge games are tighter as both teams are familiar for each other, the UNDER is usually the best bet. These games are played at a different level than regular season games and teams are more calculated, making a second match up between two teams much different the second time around.