How to bet on NFL teams with first-year coaches

Betting on first year NFL Coaches can have its advantages or disadvantages as handicappers are not sure what they will do or how they will pilot their team during certain circumstances.

These rookie coaches have not been tested during tough situations and bettors cannot look at how they have performed during past situations. So, while handicappers must tread lightly when betting on teams with first-year coaches, it is not entirely impossible.

First, a first-year coach on a hot streak can be very hard to stay away from. Football fans are seeing more and more of this lately, as these coaches are coming into the league more prepared than ever to take on the task of being an NFL coach, and are seeing their players buy into their coaching and excel on the field.

For instance, last year there were eight new first-year head coaches, including seven at the NFL level for the very first time ever. Those seven combined to go 50-56-4 ATS. This proves that these teams were only a little different than teams with tenured coaches, making betting on them just as much a mystery.

Nevertheless, when betting on first-year coaches, handicappers must also look at how well the actual team is in addition to just how well the coaches do in the big games.

A first year-coach is usually there because the team did not have success the previous year, and looking at how they can rebound during the current year is a big factor. Additionally, coaches that excelled last year were those who most likely had a solid team around them, such as the San Diego Chargers and the Arizona Cardinals. Both of these teams had many star power players, but were just missing that one leader that could unlock all that potential. Their success is a direct result of their roster and a good coaching change.

Finally, while betting first-year NFL coaches can be somewhat of a challenge, there is still money to be made.

Handicappers need to watch the hot streaks and be prepared to pounce on a team when they are hot.

But that is easier said than done.

Jumping on a team when everyone else is, probably means that you are too late.

So, just like other NFL teams, tread lightly when placing your bet. Stick to the keys that discussed in previous articles and try not to put too much into a coach alone.

After all, it is the players on the field that will put the money in a handicapper’s wallet.