The long wait is over and bettors now finally know which four teams are lined up for the first ever College Football Playoffs.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs, Florida State Seminoles, Auburn Tigers and Ole Miss Rebels the four teams that would make it if the season ended today.

And with that, there is much debate, as three of these teams are from the SEC, and have already sparked tons of controversy among the college football betting world.

Looking forward though, things could change as three of these teams are still yet to play each other.

So, how can bettors position themselves this early to take advantage of the situation, and cash in on the new NCCAF playoff format.

First let’s take a look at the odds.

When the rankings were released, Vegas adjusted the odds to win the national championship because only four teams will have a chance once the final rankings are released. These teams next games will also be nationally televised, which means that a lot of people will be looking to bet the games. Bettors can only expect the lines to be inflated just a tiny bit and should look to fade these teams down the stretch.

Next, college football bettors can also expect that the odds-makers will be looking to make these games very tough for, giving a 50/50 split on both sides, so that they can guarantee a profit. These games will be sharp, they will make us bite our finger nails and jump off our couch on more than one occasion.

The up and down roller coaster ride that is picking a side in these games will be on high alert. Bettors know the public will be backing these teams, and as history states, it is either fade or stay away.

Bettors also need to keep in mind that the college football playoffs seeding are determined based upon different voter’s assessment of a team’s play.

Therefore, college football handicappers can expect the top four teams to not only be gunning to win, but gunning to win in style. This will probably result in more games being played over the total, and seeing how a 21-point victory isn’t nearly as impressive in the eye of the voters as would a 45-point pummeling, the gloves will come off.

Finally, with this being the first year the new playoff format is put into effect, it’s going to be interesting to see what four teams will finally end up vying for national title.

Until then, bettors need to try to gather a good amount of data on how teams play in certain situations, and place there bet bases on talent and coaching, staying away from style and flair.