After waking up to watch a full slate of football games on Sunday has come and gone, there is only one more game of football to watch. It is the biggest game of the week. Not for the sake of the teams that are playing, but because this game can either make or break you and football handicappers bankroll.

Being the last game of the day, the Sunday Night Football game leaves bettors in an awkward position where many of just can’t stay away. Handicappers want to bet the game no matter what, because it so tempting. This can lead down a dark hole.
First, the NFL Sunday night football game is the one game of the week that attracts the most action. This is because it is the only game that is on the board at night and a lot of bettors are in a position to either chase their losses or gamble their house money on this one single game.
Odds makers are well aware of this, and they also know how they have done on the day in terms of winning or losing.

Football bettors must be disciplined enough to either play the game because their handicapping strategies say so, or stay away entirely. Trying to chase the action and play the game only because it is on TV, will lead to more losses then wins.
When handicappers have a rough Sunday, they feel that all it takes is one win to bring them even, and what better chance than during the Sunday Night Football game. But if they are in a position where they are betting for the action and not because their strategies tell them, they need to stay away and live to wager another day.

Once a handicapper has looked at the game and used their handicapping strategies, a very important thing to remember when betting Sunday Night games is that odds makers spend more time setting the line on this game than any other, because they know it will attract the most action.
The most experienced football handicapper knows they need to keep an eye out for line movements as the money starts coming in on each side. They will pay extra attention to any RLM and always key in on home underdogs.
That’s because home underdogs have been very successful when backed heavily, because they have the energy of their fans. A home underdog combined with a huge public favorite very well could be a handicapper’s special money making recipe every Sunday night.
In the end, Sunday Night Football games gives handicappers a lot of excitement. Being able to end their long action packed day with a solid wager is a great feeling to have. But in order to win money by wagering on this sport, they also have to be disciplined.
So, sticking to what the head suggests, as opposed to what the heart says, can keep a handicappers bankroll on the positive side.
Like any other strategy, when that perfect situation presents itself, make some money.