After surviving a full week of Sunday games that were successful in making some money with our handicapping strategies, football handicappers will be ready to get in on some Monday Night Football action.

But bettors need to be wary as they try double down and start our week on the right side.

First, because MNF is similar to Sunday Night football games in terms of popularity, odd makers have set the lines even harder. But handicappers shouldn’t be afraid, if they stick to our following handicapping strategies to find that winner and add to their bankroll.
Because Monday Night Football games typically give the teams an extra day to prepare because they are played a day later, this can have a huge impact on the final outcome. It could be the difference towards a key player having an extra day to recover from an injury, or an extra day for the teams to prepare for the other team.
This is why for the Monday Night Football game, handicappers must treat it like its own special game.
The circumstances are higher and the bigger picture is much more important than a regular Sunday game.
The schedule for the Monday Night Football games are already out for the season and a lot of the time the media hypes the games up, even though it may not have significant value to the teams themselves.

Players take this into account and feel the extra energy that the big lights present.
Football handicappers need to look to see who this game might mean more for, because a team that rarely gets to play on the national stage will be more than excited to play during prime time, as opposed to a team who is always doing it.
Also, having an extra day to prepare, teams are able to have a better understanding as to what the other team is going to try and do. Add in the fact that the public loves seeing a high scoring game, and the totals are usually set a way too high.
First, football handicappers are fans, and just like their counterparts prefer offense over defense. This is just the way the odds makers see it, and inflate the totals appropriately.

But handicappers need to remember. In the NFL, teams are not playing for style points, they are just playing to survive. Therefore, if handicappers see totals that seem too high mixed in with the public pounding the over, then the value lies with the Under.
Bettors always want to be on the side that makes them money over the course of the season. Playing the over when it is heavily inflated with public action is a good way to lose a bankroll early on.
In the end, Monday Night Football should be treated just like any other game, Except for the fact that now handicappers must account for the emotion. Players love playing on the big stage, and they know everyone is watching. Consequently , this may be there only time they will get the attention they deserve.
So, pay attention to this and remember that defensive players get paid and pumped up to play Monday Night Football games too.