Betting on Football has been around for thousands of years as people have always gambled on the outcome of events between various competitors. However, betting on football matches has become a widespread addiction of late. Gambling on the results of a sports match and placing a wager on the outcome has become a recreational activity of sorts. You also need to check it daily for the latest point spreads which makes it a game that goes on as long as the season is active.

Recent studies show that the gross worth of the Sports Industry has been valued between $700bn and a whopping $1tn. Various strategies are devised on accurately gauging the end result of a match and patterns, if any, are observed. In such an industry, one has more to do with luck than technique, this being the reason people keep going back for more.
To further enable betting, there are portals making it available on the virtual world as well. Now, bets can be placed while you’re on the move or within the comfort of your smartphone. Football has been recorded as the most popular betting sport online in terms of profitability as well as turnover. Before the incorporation of online betting, horse betting was the most popular betting sport.

Various tutorials and guides are available on the internet with regards to strategies and plans to be implemented in order to estimate the result of an ongoing match. With more and more people coming forward, looking to earn a fast buck, this trend in the sports world does not appear to die down anytime soon.
This increase in the betting industry gives way to match fixing. This term, ‘Match fixing’ refers to the unlawful practice of dishonestly determining the outcome of a match, well before it is played. Not only does it limit a player discovering his complete potential but it also stunts the growth of genuine talent, thereby making the sport predictable. A recent study shows that 680 football matches were identified as possibly being rigged.

Unlawful practices such as betting on football and match-fixing not only takes away the enthrallment a true sports fan has while watching a match, but it also reduces the thrill of watching a sport real time. Sports are best appreciated when the only thing at stake is the pride of the team instead of a truckload of cash. Football has to be appreciated for the stamina, the strength and the willpower power packed into a 90 minute match.
While betting on a match might appeal to a section of the viewers, the consequences of betting which are in turn resulting in a greater evil must be taken into consideration. The frightening part is that the increasing trend of indulging in rigging and betting on football matches looks like it’s here to stay.
This can be curtailed when FIFA works hand in hand with the FBI and begins by shutting down all the virtual football gambling websites. Taking a step towards ensuring that all football betting ceases is the only way all the football fanatics out there will have their faith reinstated. Let’s hope for the best.