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5-0 Week 10 NFL Parlay

NFL Parlay Picks and Winners

NFL Picks and Parlays for the 2018-2019 Season

The 2018 NFL season is here and last year we made our clients thousands of dollars at the end of each month thanks to our top parlay betting picks. You are going to have a lot of great opportunities to build your bankroll and signups are limited so do not delay. After winning more than 60% of all predictions last season every client is coming back to join NFL Picks & Parlays to make even more money this football season. Week 1 is when the "Vegas Mistake" happens and you can parlay those earnings into even bigger money the rest of the season. Our handicapping experts are here to to help you make some serious money for the 2016 NFL betting season. With our top daily picks and parlays you are guaranteed to make money and triple or quadruple your money every other week of the football season with our help. You will be able to build up your bankroll  with our expert betting picks, predictions against the spread, and parlay plays from the number one sports handicapping service in the world. Each and every week of the season last year we were profitable with our parlay predictions and will continue to dominate the sportsbooks in and around Las Vegas, Nevada or offshore.

How Much Money Can I make Betting on Football This Season?

A parlay an opportunity to make a lot of money in a short period of time but comes with lower probabilitites. Last football season we made a few six figure gentleman into millionaires and will be able to do the same for you in the 2018-2019 football season if you follow our advice and strict guidelines. What is a parlay? A Parlay is when we help you to bet on two individual outcomes and you get paid more then double the total payout if you bet on the two games or outcomes individually. We also want you to note how much more money you will be getting paid with our handicapping help. There are no better sports betting syndicates in the world than our team of incognito experts here at NFL Picks & Parlays so make sure to get a taste of what building your bankroll tastes like with our sports betting assistance.